MOFA Publishes “Chopstick Compliments For Foreigners” Video Map 2016

Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released data illustrating the frequency of gaijin being complimented for their chopstick skills for 2016.
The Chopstick Compliments For Foreigners Visualization Map video can be viewed here:

Researchers were slightly baffled by the number of compliments being dished out off the coast of Japan’s main island of Honshu.
“Either a lot of foreigners are eating sushi on fishing boats or the data is slightly out by around 50 kilometers,” said lead researcher Kouki Nakata.
The data found that chopstick compliments have risen in rural areas where gaijin sightings are less common, but have slightly decreased in metropolitan areas where people are used to seeing gaijin eating in cheap 100-yen kaiten sushi restaurants.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says the results explain why people like Sam Wilson continue to have their expectations crushed after entering local chopstick competitions.


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