Remaining Cool

A commuter making a last minute dash to catch a train has attempted to remain cool after the carriage doors shut right in front of his face.

George Crocker began to hear the door alarms about 10 meters from the train but was fully committed to the cause right up until the very end only pulling up just past the yellow line.

“Following my train rejection I proceeded to execute the slow walk alongside the carriage as if I didn’t really want to catch the train in the first place and wanted to get on another train further down the platform,” said Crocker.

“I didn’t let it show on my face but inside I was a crushed man.”

Passengers already riding the train were acutely aware of his failed attempt.

“Part of me was hoping he would make it but as the doors closed in front of his face the carriage felt just that little bit more spacious,” said one passenger.


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