Japan celebrated Culture Day on Friday with many citizens heading into work to get the complete traditional experience.

“I thought I’d go into work to get a proper taste of the real festivities of the day,” said 74-year-old salaryman Naoto Watanabe.

A few lucky salarymen and salarywomen throughout the country have begun clocking into overtime and are really starting to feel the Culture Day vibes.

“Things are starting to get wild! We’ve just commenced our eighth meeting of the day,” said Watanabe.

It was decided in the meeting that they should hold a ninth meeting at 20:00 p.m.

“Shit’s getting crazy,” said Watanabe, “I’m planning to submit yet another request for permission to put up a poster on the notice board informing people there is now a different variety of green tea in the staff room.”

Watanabe received permission after the third request at 20:13 p.m., but he must obtain a hanko stamp first from the general affairs office on the thirteenth floor.

Image: Flickr/Odyssey



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