Television celebrities served deep fried rat on a prime time Japanese cooking show have reacted with unified cries of “This is delicious!”

The one-off TV special called “Rare Dishes In Season Always” aired last night at 7 p.m.

Oishii!” yelled Yuka Sakamoto, a retired 13-year-old idol from the famed J-pop group After School.

Umai,” said another talent – whose talents come primarily from being overweight and eating food.

The two comedians hosting the show, known as Highway Pebble with their forces combined, asked each celebrity to describe the taste of the lightly battered rodent after their initial “delicious!” reactions.

“It’s crunchy on the outside and soft in the center,” said 12-year-old J-pop idol Risa Ogawa who replaced the old and weary Yuka Sakamoto.

“I can really taste the rat – the batter really compliments that gritty rodent texture,” said Ogawa before reeling off five onomatopoeia including “sakusaku”.

The tenth celebrity on the taste-testing panel struggled to think of a slightly different way to describe the rat dish and subsequently opted for a stupid face and a strange noise, which was greeted with rapturous laughter.

Image: YouTube


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