A gaijin living in Kanagawa Prefecture threw in some basic honorific Japanese yesterday while talking to some locals as hopes faded of attaining a compliment about her incredible Japanese speaking abilities.

“I couldn’t focus properly before first receiving my obligatory compliment,” said Michelle Barker.

Barker threw in some basic keigo she had learned earlier in the week out of pure desperation to try and spark some kind of reaction.

“The lack of appraisal was frankly quite disturbing,” said Barker.

Barker used ‘de gozaimasu’, the honorific Japanese for ‘desu’, about two minutes into the conversation, but this ultimately failed to ignite a response.

“I mean c’mon, ‘de gozaimasu’, this is some high level stuff we’re talking here – and what did I get? Nothing. Not even a ‘sugoi ne’,” said Barker.

Image: dikiny


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