Matt Rockwell commits harakiri

A man living in Japan on a long-term visa has done the honorable thing and performed a ritual suicide by disembowelment (腹切り, harakiri) after being caught wearing shoes inside his apartment by his next-door neighbor.

Matt Rockwell’s front door was slightly ajar when Mr. Nakamoto came to discuss the importance of taking the caps off PET bottles for trash collection purposes.

“I had forgotten my headphones and just tiptoed back into my apartment. That’s when I turned around to see Nakamoto’s eyeballs staring right into the depths of my soul,” said Rockwell.

“It’s only reasonable that I slice open my abdomen – especially given I signed up to Facebook writing my name in kanji,” said Rockwell.

Rockwell told Mr. Nakamoto to wait outside on his bicycle while he took the necessary preparations.

Rockwell’s first two attempts to make an incision into his stomach region while wearing a grey yukata failed given the bluntness of the souvenir samurai sword but he eventually succeeded drawing the blade from left to right and slicing open the belly.

Thanks to the actions taken by Mr. Nakamoto, however, in quickly calling an ambulance Rockwell survived the ordeal.

“I have no idea what that crazy son of a b**** was doing,” said Mr. Nakamoto.



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