A snack in a convenience store in Tokyo this week has been posing as a normal donut.

“What the… this ain’t jelly or jam,” said 6-months-a-gaijin Sam Parsons.

The donut had been filled with anko, red bean paste, which is made from red mung beans.

“Who the hell destroyed this donut by putting beans in it?” asked Parsons.

The azuki beans came complete with their rough course skins making the first and only mouthful extra alarming.

Parsons says at the time of the incident he didn’t know what he had put in his mouth.

“It was a little scary, I had no idea what I’d eaten.”

Parsons says the donut would have been perfectly fine on its own without adding the mung beans.

“What’s wrong with a bit of sugar?”

Image: Flickr/sfllaw


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