Nine consecutive (3) answers causes doubt

A JLPT examinee started to doubt herself yesterday after filling in nine straight no. (3) answers at the start of the JLPT examination listening section.

“After the first five answers were (3) I began to get slightly nervous,” said Jessica Steele.

Jessica lost all confidence for Question 10 and began to factor in the possibility that the likelihood of the answer being (3) was lower than answers (1), (2) and (4).

Question 10 asked examinees whether Kota liked Apples: Kota said he did like apples, but he has an allergy to some apples, but he still likes them, but then he changed his mind when he was 14, but then he started to like them again when he was 17, but then he started to prefer cumquats.

“I was leaning towards (3) when someone sniffed at the crucial moment as Kota changed his mind for the eighth time.”

According to inside sources, the examination authors were well aware of the anomaly of a repetition of no. (3) answers but they enjoy seeing examinees suffer.

Jessica made the crucial error when answering Question 10 of failing to factor in the reality that the examiners are cold heartless beings.


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