A drunk passenger in his 50s caused temporary panic on Tokyo’s Yamanote loop line at Hamamatsucho station on Wednesday after his head got stuck up his own arse.

“The man had no idea what he was doing and was just going through the motions” said one police officer, “and that was before he had his first sip of sake after work.”

The man, “fairly loose” according to witnesses, was riding the train when he lost balance and collapsed on the floor.

He then crawled toward the corner of the carriage, where he decided to take a rest in the fetal position.

This is when his head got stuck and he was unable to pull himself out from the narrow space.

Fellow passengers informed train staff who called emergency services and the man was eventually removed from himself.

The man wasn’t injured, but complained of ear pain, so he was taken to the hospital for a precautionary check.

Image: Re-enactment