Earth has mocked Japan’s nuclear restart initiating extreme volcanic activity under Mount Sakurajima just 50km away from Sendai Nuclear Plant, which resumed operations four days earlier.

Earth unleashed one of the biggest earthquakes in recorded history four years ago but the government has failed to heed the costly lesson.

“I dished out a 9.0,” Earth said. “Do people realize how big that is? A 9.0 is ten times bigger than an 8.0 and that’s f*$%en huge.”

Sakurajima at Sunset, photo by Kimon Berlin
Sakurajima at Sunset, photo by Kimon Berlin

Earth also conjured a 30-metre tsunami wave ensuring the Fukushima Daiichi Plant reactors went into meltdown causing the second biggest nuclear disaster in history.

“Are they serious? Even the top nuclear regulators say they can’t guarantee complete safety,” Earth scoffed.

“I put 10 percent of the world’s active volcanoes on Japan. It’s not called the ring of fire for nothing.”


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