Nestle Japan has announced the release of a new product in celebration of the abdication of Japanese Emperor Akihito.

“We encourage everyone to have a break, have an abdication KitKat,” says Nestle Japan CEO Jigoku Ikukamo.

The limited edition Emperor Akihito flavored KitKat is now available to purchase in selected stores around the Kanto region.

“It has an extreme adult taste with a hint of heavenly sweetness,” says Jigoku Ikukamo.

“This time we are using a well matured burnt out chocolate base, which has been beaten and overworked to offer consumers a virtuously prolonged flavor.”

Nestle Japan says since the announcement they have had an overwhelming number of requests to produce the Princess Mako flavored KitKat.

Image: Flickr/RayInManila (edited TRW)


    • You probably don’t understand satire or irony, Mimi. Being Japanese, I can totally understand that. Oops……did I just “make fun of other culture”? 🙂


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