A man whose main source of income comes from instruction of the English language has devised an effective class activity that painlessly wastes around 35 minutes of lesson time.

Johnny Sensei says the activity took him around an hour to develop, but it is now one of his most valued resources in his teaching kit.

“An hour is quite a lot of preparation time for one activity,” says Johnny Sensei.

“But, this game disguised as education is a real keeper.”

Johnny Sensei allows the students to control and manage the activity and justifies it under the label of active learning.

“It’s good for them, it’s preparing them for the real world, where games aren’t delivered to them on a silver platter,” says Johnny Sensei.

Johnny Sensei says the students “really love it”.

“I think enjoyment is a key part of education and it really puts them in good stead for this year’s university entrance exams,” says Johnny Sensei.

Image: Flickr/Msittig


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