Hiroko and the other girls struggle to cheer Jimmy up

A group of 21-year-old English club members have struggled desperately to console a homesick exchange student.

“Poor Jimmy, we just don’t know what we can do. The twelve of us girls have taken him out to all-you-can-drink karaoke and he still won’t cheer up,” says Hiroko Takahashi, an English club member who is also part of the university cheer squad.

“We all take it in turns to go over to his apartment to try and boost his spirits but he’s just constantly down on himself,” says Eri Tanaka, who has already cheated on her boyfriend four times.

The English club has organised a uni-sex onsen trip to a secluded town in Gunma Prefecture but the girls are concerned if Jimmy can snap out of his homesickness in time.

“It’s a big ask to travel all that way to a small town where it will basically just be us twelve girls and an onsen,” says Hiroko.

Yumi Nohara visited Jimmy last night and he was still too upset to make a decision.



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