English Teacher Hopeful Mired By Poor Supporting Role Performance

A man in his mid-twenties on the hunt for an English teaching job has been hampered by a pathetic acting performance today by a recruiting official in Shinjuku.

The interviewee commenced with a respectable portrayal of an elementary school teacher but was immediately distracted by the interviewer’s weak depiction of a nine year-old schoolgirl.

The interviewee enthusiastically initiated a mock game of pictionary only to be dragged back down to earth from a complete lack of effort by his counterpart in the classroom scenario.

“He gave me nothing – a little girl isn’t going to say things like, ‘I’m pretty sure that looks like a kumquat’,” the job seeker said.

The recruiter made no attempt to get into character completely ruining the atmosphere of the English lesson scene.

“How am I supposed to get in the zone when an elementary school student speaks in baritone and responds with highly logical flawless English,” the interviewee said.

The interviewer is expected to be playing poor supporting roles all week.


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