A foreign English teacher has taken the opportunity to teach his students about his latest personal project during this morning’s 40-minute conversational lesson.

“I’m mainly an artist, I only teach English six days a week,” Bruce Sensei told his students.

Bruce Sensei used up the remaining 30 minutes of the lesson to instruct his students about a gig he was playing in next week.

“Unfortunately, I’m fresh out of fliers,” said Bruce Sensei, having handed out most of his black and white photocopied fliers to students in earlier lessons.

“Oh no, here’s a few, here take some extras, share them around with your friends,” he said.

“Kite kudasai,” Bruce Sensei said with seven minutes still remaining in the lesson.

Bruce Sensei handed Keiko a roll of sticky tape so she could post some fliers around her local area.

“Arigatou gozaimasu,” he said.

Bruce Sensei let his students go home early because they had “worked extra hard” in today’s lesson.

Image: Pixabay