Japan has begun rolling out English traffic signs to counter the increasing number of accidents involving foreign drivers.

At present, Japan has about 1.7 million stop signs bearing the kanji “tomare” (止まれ), meaning “stop”. The National Police Agency unveiled the new English stop sign for foreigners this week with a picture of a person crossing their arms in the shape of an ‘X’ above the English phrase, “No No No – Dame”.

“This new stop sign will clearly explain to gaijin that they need to stop immediately,” said police spokesman Yuki Hirota.

Here are some photographs of other English signs that have been introduced around Tokyo this week:

“Be Caution: Bery F***** Rong Right”
No U Turn: “No Back Toward Your Behind”

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Images: Flickr/StevenJohnson, Flickr/EmranKassimFlickr/SpinsterCardigan (Edited TRW)


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