Tokyo Disneyland Unveils New Fantasy Area Where Women Have Equal Rights

A new area to open at Tokyo Disneyland in 2022 will be named “Fantasy Nation”, operator Oriental Land Co. said Thursday.

Katakana Used In Erika Sawajiri’s Name (沢尻エリカ) Blamed For Drug Possession

Erika Sawajiri’s katakanized given name (エリカ) has led to the actress being arrested for possessing the synthetic drug MDMA at her home...

The Word “You” In Japan Not Rude When Talking About Foreigners

Usage of the word you (‘anata’, ‘kimi’) is considered impolite in Japan when referring to others, except when specifically talking about a...

Gaijin Strolls Around Matsuri Like He’s Part Of The Attraction

A foreigner sporting traditional Japanese attire has waltzed around a local festival as if he were part of the whole attraction.

Tom Cruise To Star In Akira Remake

Tom Cruise will appear in the live-action adaption of the legendary manga and anime, Akira, according to local news sources.

Pop Idol Apologizes For Her Attractiveness Causing Fans To Break Into Her Apartment

Maho Yamaguchi of Niigata-based NGT48 has apologized for her attractiveness causing two male fans to forcibly enter her apartment on December 8. 

Old Pop Idol Retires Aged 16

Pop idol Rino Sashihara, a popular member of AKB48 affiliate HKT48, has been forced into retirement due to her weary ageing body.

Worst Karaoke Singer Gets Loudest Applause

A man who was clearly the pick of the karaoke bunch for the worst singer last night received the most rowdy round of applause. Four-years-a-gaijin...

Swedish Landscape Artist With Japanese Citizenship Making The Rest Of Us Look Bad

A blonde Swedish man flaunting his ripped abs on NHK’s workout program “Minna de Kinniku Taiso” is making the rest of us look bad. Swedish-born...

BREAKING: A Lot Of Juice Is Flowing Out Of A Hamburger

Early reports on Japanese television this evening have indicated an astonishing amount of juice flowing out of one burger patty. One celebrity was seen pulling...