TOKYO—Convenience store operator FamilyMart Uny Co Ltd has enhanced cooperation with Japan’s largest discounter, Donkey Hotel Co Ltd, opening a joint store in Tachikawa.

FamilyMart, which is open 24 hours and sells everything from pencils to porn, has struggled with falling revenues over the past few years – pencil sales down 13.6% and porn profits remaining steady.

The company is hoping the joint convenience store will help revive consumer interest through the famous Donkey name.

“DonkeyMart is my new favorite konbini,” said excited Donkey customer Andrew Curtain, who entered the store for some milk but came out with a leopard skin print dressing gown.

The Family Mart convenience store became the second largest convenience store chain behind Seven-Eleven after FamilyMart Co. merged with Uny Group Holdings Co. (Circle-K) in 2016 to form one large FU.

Customers were treated at the DonkeyMart grand opening with half-priced FU Donkey burgers.

Image: Flickr/MLouis



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