Fear Of NHK Guy Causes Woman To Miss Amazon Delivery

A resident in Tokyo today forfeited a home delivered Amazon package for fear of facing off with NHK Guy, otherwise known as NHK-Phobia.

A knock on the door triggered the woman to immediately reach for the TV remote and lower the volume – but not too quick as to create a sudden shift in sound levels.

The woman assumed the frozen position waiting for a voice from outside that never came, only to find a post delivery ticket in the mail.

“I don’t watch Japanese TV anyway, only when there’s an earthquake do I then rely on NHK,” the woman said just before turning her television set back on.

NHK-Phobia, also known as Paying-For-Nothing-Phobia, is a cause of heartache for NHK collectors nationwide.

Symptoms include complaining about poor quality programming and the excessive screening of famous people eating food.

“Today’s successful escape means I can use the funds I saved to pay for my monthly WOWOW subscription,” the victim said.

The woman intends to install a keyhole next month to safely receive her next package – totalling around the same amount of the yearly NHK fee.


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