Gaijin Only Receives 1-Year Visa

A foreigner has learnt today that his new visa is only for a period of one year. Gavin Harvey had...

Overcrowding Of Foreigners Not Sparking Any Joy

Almost half of cities and towns across Japan are concerned about the large quantities of foreign workers not sparking any joy with...

Foreigner Just Gonna Go With が Particle

Without sounding the least bit convincing, some gaijin in Yokohama has elected to go with the が particle while speaking to a native this...

Japan Announces New Era Name In Preparation For Abdication Of ARASHI

Japan announced today its new era name in preparation for the abdication of boyband royalty ARASHI in late 2020.

I Speak In Japanese But People Keep Replying In English

A foreigner staring blankly up at the Tokyo sky has told of his harrowing experience of Japanese people continuing to reply in...

Gaijin Form GJN48

A gaggle of gaijin has announced the formation of a new super group consisting of foreigners living in Japan.

Japanese Person Speaks Japanese Really Fast

A Japanese person is reportedly speaking Japanese abnormally fast. “Why does she have to speak at such ridiculous speeds?”...

Sexism In Japan Added To UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List

Sexism in Japan was approved on Saturday for addition to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list, a committee of the UN announced.

Yahoo! News Calls Satirical News Fake News

Yahoo! News JAPAN has published fake news about a satirical news story challenging the Japanese tradition of pouring alcohol for others, also...

Female Human Too Confident For Japanese Society

A female human is going around showing too much self-confidence in public for Japanese society. Stacey Chester has continued to...