A female gaijin who arrived in Japan last month has taken a firm stance in her first eikawa lesson against the derogatory term ‘gaijin’.

“Yamato-san, I refuse to be labeled with prejudice,” said Amelia Kepler-Young.

“That kind of language is repulsive and highly discriminatory – I’m not a gaijin, I’m a girljin.”

A confused Yamato-san apologized with a heartfelt ‘moushiwakegozaimasen’ and added a bit of koku for good will.

“Sorry, okay, I understand… you are ‘girlkokujin’,” Yamato san apologized.

The koku went right over Kepler-Young’s head.

Yamato-san is unlikely to book any further lessons with Kepler-Young.


  1. There was a fat feminist girl at my eikaiwa back in Tokyo in 2011. This article could very well have been inspired by her, she was constantly complaining about ‘sexism’ in Japan. Hilarious the term “girljin”


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