A large octopus caught off the coast of Argentina has been imported into Tokyo for the launch of a new Playboy Bar located in the Kabukicho district.

“We wanted something that would really appeal to the majority of our target audience,” said Playboy Bar co-owner Sukebe Hirota at a press conference on Monday.

“Based on focus group surveys we found that an enormous tentacle was something they could genuinely relate to.”

Hirota says the giant octopus will begin rehearsals this week with several Gravure Idols.

“Empowerment of beast and woman will be the running theme of these interactive performances,” said Sukebe Hirota.

Animal rights groups, however, have criticised the Playboy Bar’s business practices saying invertebrates shouldn’t be treated as large human appendages.

“I don’t understand how a human can have eight anyway,” said Sara Roberts, a spokesperson for the World Wildlife Fund.

Sources have confirmed around 300 gallons of condensed milk is also being shipped in from Hokkaido to cater for the first week of shows.

Images: PR Times, YouTube/JCVDude (edited TRW)


  1. Hi Guys,
    Love the read – Any chance you could write a story about a shocked Gaijin realising that the umbrellas outside 7 11’s and Family Mart when it rained were not corporate america giving something back to the world however someones actual umbrella?



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