A foreign baseball player in Japan has been kindly offered a fork during a Pacific League match this weekend.

Luciano Fernando who plays for the Tohoku Rakuten Eagles was given the choice of a fork at the bottom of the fifth.

Fernando didn’t have to think twice before accepting the offer and used it to great effect hitting two home runs with his remaining three attempts.

Sasuga dane,” said one fan, 49-year-old salaryman Ryoichi Yamazaki, as Fernando crunched his second homerun over right field.

“That is classic Fernando, I knew he would – give that guy a fork and he’ll take a mile,” said another Rakuten supporter, 29-year-old IT worker Yusuke Hinata.

“Those guys just know how to use a fork – however, you get any sort of long thin object into their hands and they’re all thumbs.”

Image: Wikipedia/eargus


  1. A manager in the 1970s or 80s would have pulled him for not hitting a third home run with that fork. “You got 3 barrels, we expected 3 home runs.”


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