A foreigner has been reportedly causing havoc for the local community in Yokohama City by using the “mai” counter expression for long thin objects.

Terry Goldsmith has been leaving a wake of etymological destruction whenever communicating in amounts of slender elongated objects.

Goldsmith bought three chocolate bananas at a local festival last week confusing the shop owner by saying he wanted to buy “san mai”.

“I thought, ‘what the what’!? Have my bananas suddenly turned flat!?” the vendor said.

“Was this customer playing me for some kind of fool? Thankfully my bananas were still thin and long to the touch.”

Stores throughout Yokohama selling carrots, yakitori, and lead pipes have been repeatedly subjected to the incorrect usage of the ‘mai’ counter expression by Goldsmith’s reckless lingual skills.

“When I’m seeing something long and thin I’m seeing a ‘hon’ counter object – where do these people get off?” said one victim.

There have also been unconfirmed reports of Goldsmith referring to his girlfriend as “ichi mai” despite her big-boned physique.

Image: Michwan


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