Gaijin gets total chopstick score of 7.25

A foreigner living in Japan has attained a total chopstick dexterity score of 7.25 from judging locals after eating at a popular ramen shop in Ebisu.

Every chopstick move made by Paul Wright was carefully monitored by the other customers and ramen shop staff.

“I could definitely feel the eyeballs around the room focusing on my chopstick performance,” said Wright.

After finishing his meal Wright was relieved to attain a decent score of 7.25 – two whole points above the average score given to gaijin eating out in Japan.

“He had a solid technique, which told me he had started using the chopstick from an early age,” said one customer.

“But he dropped a noodle on a few occasions that splashed back into the bowl lowering my judgement to 5.”

“But I still told him his chopstick skills were amazing.”

Wright managed to split the disposable wooden chopsticks almost perfectly in half but this went largely unnoticed by the judges.


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