A foreigner living in Japan has challenged the rationality of allowing foreigners to come into the country to live, according to local sources.

“Japan is crazy if it accepts foreigners, especially if they are refugees that need help,” says 4-years-a-gaijin Billy Bob White.

“These people are foreign like me, so they are more likely to commit crimes.”

White says asylum seekers are so desperate for a new life that they will rape anyone in sight.

“You better hide your kids and hide your wives,” says White.

“And hide your husbands too.”

White continues to pose a very reasonable question, “Why Japan?”

“I’m in Japan, so they can all f*** off,” White said just as he witnessed a female cyclist getting hit by a car on a busy Tokyo intersection.

“Ah, whatever, someone else can help her,” thought White.

Japan’s recently revised annual refugee intake from 30 to 60 is expected to reduce White’s feelings of being special in Japan by around 0.000000000034 per cent.

Image: Pixa