A foreigner has moved house by train today saving a significant amount of yen.

Steven Lynch bargained with several removalist companies and managed to obtain a large discount, but realized he could do it by himself over a period of four days.

“So proud of my negotiating skills in Japanese,” Lynch said after the removalist company offered 50% off just to put an end to the awkwardness of speaking to a gaijin over the phone.

During Lynch’s seventh return trip, locals watched on patiently as he brought the right lane of the escalator to a standstill.

“Who carries a chest of drawers full of hangers up an escalator?” thought one innocent bystander.

“And it’s plastic too – probably from Nittori.”

Given the high cost of living in Japan, Lynch used the money he saved on life’s basic necessities.

“I spent the money I saved on street beers.”

Lynch was able to secure a seat during his ninth train trip on his own desk chair.