Japan Rail East has announced it will be introducing foreigner-only carriages to busy train routes in central Tokyo in preparation for the 2020 Olympics.

Foreigner-only carriages will be attached to the back of trains during morning peak times to reduce expected inconveniences due to an influx of gaijin.

“The carriages have been primarily designed to ease the congestion of overbearing loud noises,” says JR East President Yuji Fukasawa.

Tourists wearing a fanny pack will be asked to avoid travelling during peak hour times.

“No one wants to see a fanny pack that early in the morning,” Fukasawa said in an official statement.

Tokyo residents have been advised not to enter foreigner-only carriages with some commuters in Osaka, where gaijin-only carriages were introduced in 2016, have been experiencing urges  “to blow their nose” and “request items that are not on a menu”.

Image: Flickr/mox




  1. Well, I certainly won’t be using them. It’s bad enough seeing Americans blow their noses in public, loudly, while wearing a fanny pack, shorts and long white socks!

  2. Yes, because Japanese people never do any of those things. I have lived in Japan for over 14 years and I see more Japanese than foreign people behaving badly in public. Please stop with the stereotypes as not all Americans are obnoxious.

  3. I was pleasantly suprised last week to be approached by a stranger (female) who remarked on my van Gogh Sunflowers T-Shirt, because things like that don’t happen often. I am trying myself to start a new habit, after 3 decades of living here, of chatting up strangers.


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