A long-term foreign resident living in Tokyo was forced to work overtime in the Japan-related Requests Control Center (JRCC) this week after a higher than average influx of inquiries.

Bob Carnegie took a wide range of emails and phone calls from a variety of people from around the world who knew of Bob Carnegie from as far removed as four degrees of separation.

“I had one day off this week and I had to deal with some bullshit for a friend of a friend’s girlfriend’s cousin who may be visiting Tokyo this year,” said Carnegie.

Carnegie, or “that-guy-who-teaches-English-in-Japan”, as he is known to most inquisitors, has completed all pending requests for the quarter but remains on call 24 hours a day for emergency demands.

“Some ‘friend’ who I hadn’t spoken to since first year high school recommended to his brother that he ask me how’s the weather in Tokyo – I mean for f***s sake… Internet… have you heard of the Internet?” says Carnegie.

Carnegie is currently preparing to take a group of three people who he has never met – and doesn’t want to meet – to Meiji Shrine and Harajuku at the end of next month.

Image: Flickr/Railsummit (edited TRW)



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