The feeling of joy being felt by a foreigner residing in Tokyo for the past two years has manifested itself out of an overwhelming lack of responsibility for his inherited greater community.

“I’ve never felt so free,” says 35-year-old James Fletcher while handing over a pile of junk mail to his girlfriend to confirm it contains nothing of significance.

“It’s brilliant, I can complain all I want without any sense of obligation to effect positive change.”

Fletcher’s rights in Japan considerably outweigh his responsibilities, except for less important stuff like voting, child custody rights, and suspicion of guilt.

“Yeah I can’t vote, and I may never see my first-born if I ever get married then divorced, but I have a large supply of daily gaijin smashes at my disposal.”

“You can’t beat a good smashing.”

Fletcher’s happiness will gradually mutate over the coming decade into a sad ball of unconnected loneliness.

Image: Pixa