Japan’s national diet was invaded today by long-term foreign residents in an attempt to stop legislation to permit more foreign workers.

In a last-minute effort to block its passage, gaijin attempted to snatch the microphone off LDP member Yasuhiro Hanashi to stop him from putting forward a motion to vote on the bill.

“Shinagawa immigration bureau is already f***in’ packed,” shouted one gaijin.

“Do you realize how many foreigners we already have to line up with?” yelled another.

“You’re ruining our country!” screamed a girljin.

The legislation will bring in thousands of foreign workers to Japan and then kick them out five years later, creating a revolving door of cheap powerless foreign labor.

Many of the migrants will come from low socio-economic backgrounds and therefore not be able to fight for their rights once working for Japan Inc.

The government already has a technical intern training program allowing companies to exploit workers on below minimum wages.

Hanashi reassured the gaijin protestors that “most of the migrants will be from South-East Asia” and therefore they “won’t be able to tell the difference anyway”.

Image: JT