The condom booth participating at this month’s Comiket anime fan event fears their products will be mainly used as KFC Finger Napkins.

“Many of the free condoms that were handed out at Comiket events earlier this year have been popping up in KFC stores all around the Akihabara district,” said Comiket President Yoshihiro Yonezawa.

“At least the condoms will be put to good use on Christmas Eve.”

Instagramer @Tokyo_Dog has already used his Comiket condoms to good effect:

Comiket has released a press statement warning all otaku that their free condoms are “structurally unsound”, as the organization was “not expecting them to be actually used”.

“We’re now fairly concerned that the condoms may break and grease may seep through unintentionally, giving birth to some very dirty hands.”

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