A HUB bar in Fukuoka City that froze five gaijin into large blocks of ice has been forced to close after facing widespread condemnation on social media.

The popular British-style pub lauded the ice attraction as “unprecedented” and a “world first”, confident the guarantee of being able to see gaijin at any time of the day would lure in more customers.

The HUB, however, received a barrage of criticism online with many saying the “frozen foreigners in ice” display was “cruel”. One Twitter user said the five gaijin should have been shown “some respect” and at least been frozen “inside giant novelty sized tower beers”.

Luckily, this gaijin was “already dead”.
Luckily, this gaijin was “already dead”.

A Fukuoka HUB manager has told reporters they were aiming to give visitors the experience of drinking alongside foreigners without fear of them starting a conversation in English.

The company has apologized to the public in an official press release explaining that the frozen gaijin “were already dead” and more importantly the gaijin “were serving no real meaningful purpose to the community” while alive.

“None of the gaijin we used were irreplaceable, as they were all part-time English teachers on one year contracts.”

Top Image: HUB, ispot.tv (edited TRW)
Other Image: Laplandwedding



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