The Fukuoka Board of Education has suddenly, but very politely, informed 120 foreign employees teaching at elementary schools to “fuku ofu”.

According to a Fukuoka BOE spokesperson, with English becoming a required class in grades five and six throughout Japan by 2020, the city is switching to “dispatch firms”, as they don’t want to go through “the bullshit that comes with trying to deal directly with gaijin”.

“Peter,” a 10-year gaijin vet who worked at several Fukuoka elementary schools says he was told to “fuku ofu” completely out of the blue.

To fill the positions, the city signed contracts with two dispatch companies, Interac and OWLS, who will be “training” the teachers and then skimming off revenue that would have otherwise gone directly to the teachers.

The teachers were receiving ¥3,800 per class. Interac and OWLS will now receive about ¥6,500 per class and give the teachers about ¥1,950 per class.

The middleman will now be earning double what the teacher earns per class. ¥4,550 per class for Interac and OWLs, and ¥1,950 for teachers.

“Suckers,” both dispatch company owners said.

Image: Flickr/inefekt69