A blonde man in his early thirties has revealed he possesses the power of invisibility – specifically when ordering meals at family restaurants in the outer suburbs of Tokyo.

Kurt Silverstone’s power is triggered upon completion of a request to purchase goods or services from a waiter or shop staff, but can only be activated in the presence of one local friend at the time of gaijin-staff interaction.

“It’s as if I never existed, the ordering just continues through my local friends as if I’ve somehow transported my mind and soul right into their bodies,” Silverstone told reporters.

The power of invisibility can be deactivated by speaking towards the staff member but only for the duration of the oral correspondence – invisibility will reactivate post verbalisation.

“Sometimes I can disappear and then reappear again three or four times in a single dining,” said Silverstone.

Silverstone says his invisibility strike rate is greatest at family restaurants but can work just as effectively in any store such as Bic Camera or Mister Donut.


  1. Brilliant, happens all the time but only in the same petri dish experiment/experience as above. Japanese stealth technology


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