A foreigner residing in Tokyo has paused for effect after being asked how long they have lived in Japan.

“Hmm… not sure… I’d say… maybe… about 8 years, 194 days, and 4 hours,” said 32-year-old Eva Lang, feeling an odd sense of superiority and shame at the same time.

Lang knew exactly how long she had been in Japan but waited a few seconds to respond, partly not to disappoint the person asking, who thought they had come up with an awesome original question to pose to a gaijin, and partly out of embarrassment that she gets asked this question every second week.

After six years of living in Japan, Lang has advanced from a “Roku nen gurai” gaijin to a “Yaku nana nen” gaijin.

At the 8-year mark, Lang further evolved to a “Tuusan de yaku hachi nen” gaijin.

Lang currently includes the two short trips she made to Japan when she was younger to her total time spent living in Japan.

Image: Flickr/mrhayata