A foreigner in Saitama Prefecture today has purchased what was originally thought to be a bottle of refreshingly pure water.

“What is this shit?” Don Woodman said as he spat out the mouthful of bottled water into the gutter.

“Are you frickin’ serious? Yoghurt?”

Woodman said he couldn’t possibly even begin to fathom how any parched individual would want to drink water that had traces of yoghurt in it.

“How does one expect to quench one’s thirst with a bacterial fermentation of milk flavored bottle of water?”

According to consumer data, around 43 per cent of all yoghurt flavored bottled waters in Japan are purchased by mistake.


  1. What consumer data is that and how does the data is traced to come up with 43%? It’s hard to believe that 43% of the consumers (Japanese plus foreigners) cannot even read that big ヨーグリーナ katakana written in the label.

  2. Reminds me of the time I poured yogurt drink into my coffee, thinking it was milk, because it was in the exact same carton as milk with the same type of label! Ickkk! Love you rising wasabi! You are the only thing I like about facebook.


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