A foreigner residing in Kangawa Prefecture couldn’t help himself and has attained confirmation this evening regarding what a gaijin he just met is doing in Japan.

“Let me take a wild guess,” said 38-year-old Matthew Holland.

“You teach English to little kids or adults.”

As coincidence has it, the gaijin was actually bestowing English education upon adolescents, but also making “a lot of money on the side as a male model”.

“On top of that, I’m making some really good coin working as a wedding celebrant,” the gaijin said.

The gaijin makes about 28,000 yen per month, on average, for small modeling gigs and weddings, which is about 17 per cent of his overall salary.

There was a brief uncomfortable silence between the two senseis and a drop in the level of genkiness before they moved on to the next topic.

Image: Flickr/AriHelminen


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