A foreign resident living in Tokyo disposed of his three-year-old futon yesterday at the local convenience store before sneaking off into the dead of the night.

“Damn, that’s a real weight off my shoulders,” said Jon Lee.

Lee exhausted all other available options before getting rid of the futon at the local convenience store, including attempting to hacksaw his way into the garbage cage down the street.

“I even tried cutting it up into little pieces to fit it in the normal rubbish, but that was just eating into my life where I was actually trying to use that time to live.”

Lee says he placed a large garbage collection sticker on the futon, which his girlfriend told him he needed to purchase before throwing it away.

“There was no way I was gonna dump it at the normal trash collection spot – those stay-at-home housewives are all over that shit.”

“I saw one obasan looking out from her apartment window one night with a pair of binoculars, infrared goggles, and a Nikon 7500 DSLR camera pointed straight at the waste disposal area.”

Lee says he managed to get rid of around 17 PET bottles at the konbini before disposing of the futon.


  1. I disposed of a couch by chopping it into little bits, bagging them up, and putting the bags out in the designated day. Only glitch: the garbage collectors said I had too many bags, so, had to space it out over a couple weeks.

  2. Big garbage disposal days are awesome. I actually managed to haul a pretty much brand new kotatsu home one night…(much to my Japanese husbands disgust). You don’t want it…I need it…FREE FOR ALL!

  3. Queen size box spring in 5 XL bags @ ¥30 each, took metal to recycle center, made ¥92. Cost less than the ¥300 disposal sticker.

  4. futon disposal day is mentioned in the Kojiki as 18/11/2061 more commonly known as pamyupamyu 21. If Gaijin want to break the rules and do as they please, living in Japan is perhaps not for them. May I recommend North Korea.

    • You wrote about good information and suddenly talking randomly about North Korea? Do you really think you can trash anything freely illegally in North Korea? Or are you just another dumb ass looking for attention?

  5. This article is all wrong.
    It should be entitled
    “Convenience Store Workers Can Now Live and Work in one Convenient Place”

  6. The hikokomoris with the added feature of hoarding disorder disapprove of this post and are planning a protest by exiting their futon no naka kara dete erai!


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