A gaggle of gaijin has announced the formation of a new super group consisting of foreigners living in Japan.

GJN48, an abbreviation of ‘Gaijin 48’, will be dropping their debut album this week titled “Nihongo Hanasemasu”.

The album includes projected hit singles, “Hi, I’m from gaikoku”, “I always get off at Roppongi”, “Me and my big nose”, “Dude, I’m speaking in Japanese”, and “One apple, ichi mai, two apples, ni mai”.

The GJN48 juggernaut has been fueled by a steady increase of foreigners migrating to Japan over the past decade.

“We now have so many gaijin to choose from,” says GJN48 front man John Smith.

“And their singing is improving thanks to all that karaoke.”

Last week, the group added its oldest member, 67-year-old Chris Numonski, an American father who lost custody of his two children in 2005.

“I’ve been fighting my Japanese ex-wife in the courts ever since,” says Numonski.

“Maybe GJN48 can help provide a bit of publicity to the problem of foreign men losing their children after a divorce to a Japanese national.”

Promotional material for GJN48 mainly consists of white men, but in reality the majority of members are either Chinese or Indian.