A foreigner dining out for the evening in Ueno, Tokyo, has had his interest piqued after hearing the word ‘ikemen’.

“Me?” thought 7-years-a-gaijin Jim Squires.

“Are they talking about me? I’m pretty sure they would be talking about me, I’m the only gaijin in the izakaya.”

Squires knew it was on.

“Settle yourself down Jimmy boy, get ready for some sweet sweet compliments,” Squires told himself.

The compliment train had departed for a local bar in Ueno and first stop was Jimmy boy.

“No way, ikemen jyanai desuyo,” Squires lied.

The local women were complimenting Squires, not in reference to his good looks, but in reference to his capabilities as an ikumen who helps his wife with child-rearing and other domestic duties.

Image: Flickr/fofie57


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