A foreigner living in Nagoya on a long-term visa has hilariously pronounced an English word way too correctly for a bunch of locals to comprehend.

“Hatsuon umasugiruyo!” exclaimed 37-year-old office lady Yumiko Hoshiki.

Everyone looked at gaijin Neville Emerson and fell into a violent fit of hysterics.

“Yes, Nebille! Hatsuon umasugiru!” said 39-year-old salaryman Kouki Tsuruta.

The group once again burst out with wild bursts of uncontrollable laughter.

“This is absolutely hilarious because he pronounced the English really well,” Tsuruta said while almost in tears.

Emerson was forced to say the same word again another four times.

Image: Flickr/TamaiYuya, Pakutaso (edited TRW)


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