A foreigner taking up space in a local izakaya has been trumped yesterday evening by another foreigner inhabiting Japan for a longer period of time.

“So, how long have you lived in Japan?” asked Gaijin A.

“Oh, about 10 years,” said a confident Gaijin B.

“I’ll see your 10 years, and raise you 2,” replied Gaijin A, knowing he had won the hard-fought battle.

The clearly superior human being, 12-years-a-gaijin Gaijin A, managed to diligently accumulate his Japan knowledge through teaching English and commenting on random Japan Today articles.

“Have I ever read a Japanese publication on Japanese politics or society? No. Do I need to read commentary from local experts to have a full understanding of my second home? No.”

Despite living in Japan an extra two years gaijin A’s life is actually pretty terrible given his daily concern over the monthly reports of a steady increase in gaijin numbers.

Image: Flickr/Gluemoon

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  1. “…commenting on random Japan Today articles.”
    lol! The comments on those articles are always so negative and salty!


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