A gaijin eating alone in a kaiten sushi restaurant in Kyoto today ordered one plate of tuna and one plate of salmon before looking around to see if anyone noticed him asking for extra wasabi.

Once placing his order, Bill Rogers (32) intuitively scanned the store out of the corner of his eyes to gauge the response from nearby customers.

The entire store was predictably impressed but remained calm post extra-wasabi-by-gaijin-order.

“I appreciate the non-reaction, I understand local customs of not causing a scene while people are eating,” said Rogers.

The sushi chef took very little time to complete the order having pre-prepared about ten tuna and salmon plates as soon as he saw Rogers entering the store.

Rogers struggled to eat the gigantic mass of wasabi placed on one of the two plates and was eventually forced to evenly distribute the leftover wasabi across several plates.


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