Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji food market permanently shut down at noon on Saturday, bringing an end to gaijin having to take family, friends and acquaintances visiting Japan to eat raw fish at some ungodly hour.

“You bloody beauty – goodbye Tsukiji, hello sleep,” said 14-years-a-gaijin Trevor Bentleigh.

“For too long have I been taking foreign visitors, some of whom I don’t even like, to watch old men bid for frozen marine life.”

Bentleigh will now be able to sleep in even if people want him to show them around Tokyo.

“From now on, I think it’s gonna be, let’s meet up at Tokyo Tower at around 1 p.m.”

Bentleigh will eventually have to get up earlier in the morning to take friends to the new Toyosu fish market, which is located 2km further south of Tsukiji.

Image: Flickr/bernatagullo