A foreigner has learnt today that his new visa is only for a period of one year.

Gavin Harvey had been hoping for two or three years but will now have to return to jigoku, otherwise known as an immigration bureau, in less than 12 months time.

“Oh, for the sweet love of tennou, why one?” asked Harvey.

Harvey will now have to spend around 3% of his next year in Japan lining up at the Tokyo Immigration Bureau.

“I got ichi-nen but Frank-sensei who is constantly monku-ing to me about living in Japan got a 3-year bisa.”

Harvey will continue to wonder over the coming months whether it was purely down to the luck of the draw of which person he spoke to at the immigration bureau or if the administrative staff stamping his form just didn’t like the cut of his jib.

“Fair enough I look like a criminal in my passport photo, but doesn’t everyone?”

Harvey now hates Frank-sensei even more.

Image: Wiki