The “Bequeathing of the Golden Balls” observance

Phil Davies has carried out the traditional handing over of the golden balls ritual this week at his wedding ceremony in Ginza, Tokyo.

The “Bequeathing of the Kintama” observance symbolizes the end of late nights out in Roppongi and cheeky drinks with the boys on a weekday during happy hour at The Hub.

“Me and the boys went out to Feria last weekend for one final hooray,” said Davies.

“At one stage on the dance floor we embraced in a circle singing to Chris Brown’s ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ before all losing each other at around 3:30 a.m.”

Davies later ran into one of his mates, Ryan Bowden, at around first light in a nearby ramen shop.

“The good ol’ Bowdenizer still giving it to me for tying the knot,” said Davies.

According to inside sources, the 43-year-old Bowdenizer was simply hiding his disillusionment of losing yet another wingman by slagging off his mate.

The Bowdenizer has no way of returning to his home country after teaching English at a local Eikaiwa school for the past 27 years.


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