Many foreigners throughout Japan have been visiting temples for “hatsumode” (first shrine visit of the year) so they can tell others they did hatsumode.

The Shinto Gods have so far been inundated with requests from a range of gaijin to maintain the capacity to recall the Japanese calendar year.

“Dear God, please be an absolute champ and give me the ability to remember that this year is Heisei 29,” prayed Lisa Cosgrove.

“When I go into a bank or post office and have to fill out forms it’s unbelievably mendokusai when I can’t instantly evoke the Japanese year.”

Cosgrove further explained to God that the inability to recall the Japanese calendar year makes her appear more foreign, which she would prefer to avoid at all costs.

“And while you’re at it, you could also decrease the amount of forms I need to fill out when entering banks and post offices,” added Cosgrove.

Cosgrove is expected to forget that 2017 is Heisei 29 by the end of January.

Image: Flickr/DickThomasJohnson (edited TRW)


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