Foreigners all over Japan have visited temples today for ‘hatsumoude‘ (the first shrine visit of the year) so they can tell everyone they did hatsumode.

The Gods of Shinto have been inundated with requests from gaijin wanting the power to recall the Japanese calendar year whenever they are asked to fill out a form.

“Dear God, please do a gaijin a solid and give me the ability to remember that this year is Heisei 30,” prayed Michelle Sanderson.

“When I go into a bank or post office and have to fill out copious amounts of documents it’s unbelievably mendokusai when I can’t instantly evoke the Japanese year.”

Sanderson also asked for the power to remember which Japanese year she was born in.

Most gaijin are expected to forget 2018 is Heisei 30 by the end of January.

Image: Flickr/DickThomasJohnson (edited TRW)


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