Young Peter Lynch stunned by instant increase in intelligence

A foreigner emerging from a flight from Los Angeles to Narita has immediately become an expert on all things Japan.

Peter Lynch experienced a sharp pang in his brain as his foot touched Japanese soil for the first time.

“I stepped out of the plane and my brain suddenly filled with knowledge about Japanese culture and the intricacies of living in the land of the rising sun,” said Peter Lynch.

“I can’t wait to tell people that it’s rude to blow your nose in public.”

The plethora of factoids now packed into Lynch’s head will indiscriminately attack unsuspecting bystanders over the coming weeks.

“In ancient times white teeth was considered ugly in Japan so women dyed their teeth black,” Lynch told the taxi driver on the way to his hotel.

Images: Flickr/GrantWickes, Flickr/8one6 (edited TRW)


  1. Too bad. He got the wrong download, because what he’ll really be expected to do in Japan is be an expert on everything that has ever happened in his own country, plus any other English-speaking country/culture


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